2015-2021 F150 Camber Correction UCA- ADJUSTABLE




IHC designed 2015-2021 Camber correction UCA for customer that are already running NON – IHC lowering kit and are having alignment issues. These control arms will align for 3″ 4″ 5″ 6″ front drops. They are built OEM length and have better ball koint angle built in to prevent premature wear on uca ball joints.

IHC Suspension coming from the service/installation side understood there was demand in the F150 market for camber correction UCA. Being so many different lowering application many competitors recommend to SLOT lower frame pocket to correct alignment. Although  this is not the best option as per lower arm will tend to move which will knock alignment off.  Here are some key features

  • Align 3″ 4″  5″
  • Serviceable Ball Joint
  • Machined Billet CAP
  • Delrin Bushing
  • Threaded ends to correct CAMBE
  • Alignment 100%




  • 1 Pair Upper control arms
  • Ball joints already pressed in
  • Delrin bushing already pressed in
  • Fully Serviceable ball joint and bushing


  • Fits all 2015-2021 F150 2wd and 4wd. This control arms are built OEM length are recommend to start alignment at 3″ front drop up to 6″ front drop.
  • NOT recommended to be used Stock height or 1-2″ drops.  Ball joint angle will off.
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