2007-2016 GM1500 (CAST) 4/6 Lowering Kit Extended/ Crew Cab



IHC Suspension is excited to announce our best-selling lowering kit for 2007-2013 GM 1500 Single cabs. IHC 4/6 lowering kit. IHC Suspension coming from the service/installation side understood the challenges that other kits were not solving. Here are our key features that differentiate us from the competition and save you money!

  • Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Not only are you lowering the truck but also replacing your 10+-year-old ball joints and bushing with IHC control arms.
  • IHC control arm aligns to factory specs.
  • Standard Upper Control arms for camber correction. (No additional parts needed like camber/caster bushing or offset ball joints to align)
  • IHC control arms run Delrin bushing for maximum performance, extended bushing life, and minimal maintenance.
  • IHC Flip kit has the correct pinion angle built in so no need to use pinion shims.
  • MADE IN t USA!
  • Manufactured in TEXAS!
  • Lifetime warranty on all metal parts!


IHC Suspension 4/6 lowering kit consists of Upper and lower control arms. You achieve the drop with the lower control arm and the upper is for alignment correction. Spacers are included to adjust front control arms from 4” to 5” with our purchasing any more parts. Shorter sway bar links are included for better sway bar angle. The rear consists of a flip kit with the correct pinion angle built in, so no pinion shims are needed. Nitrogen drop shocks included and 1” lift shackles to keep truck leveled. C notch is not required but may be recommended if roads are rough. Helper bag kit is another option IHC recommends to prevent bottoming out.

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  • WEIGHT: 54 LBS.
  • DIMENSIONS: 20″X20″X10″


  • WEIGHT: 22 LBS.
  • DIMENSIONS: 20″X6″X6″
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