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2014-2018 GM 1500 Single Cab (Aluminum & Stamped) 3/5 Lowering Kit | IHC Suspension


2014-2018 GM 1500 Single Cab (Aluminum & Stamped) 3/5 Lowering Kit



  1. IHC Suspension is excited to introduce the most complete 2014-2018 3/5 lowering kits in the market for single cabs. This kit was designed for the customer wanting to lower his truck but not too low where he can still run stock tires with minimal to no rubbing. IHC kit has all the features that most of our competitors just do not have. Here are our key features that differentiate us from the competition.


  • Easy installation. (No need to dissemble strut assembly)
  • 100% bolt
  • NO need to remove the rear stock hanger (OEM stock hanger has rivets; we all know how fun it is to remove rivets)
  • NO additional part for alignment which saves the customer money
  • Alignment
  • Replaced lower control arm ball joint and bushing
  • Manufactured in TEXAS
  • Lifetime warranty on all METAL parts


IHC 3/5 lowering kit consists of 3” front lower control arms, strut spacer for easy height adjustment, sway bar links. This allows for as simple as only replacing lower control arms. No need to dissemble strut assembly. Rear-end consists of a flip kit, 1” lift shackles to set the rear end at 5” drop. This is a huge advantage and saves the installer a huge amount of installation time. By adding 1” lift shackles, get away from removing the rear OEM hanger which is bolted up with rivets.  Nitrogen drop shocks are included.  All IHC suspension parts are Fiber laser cut, CNC bend, robotically welded for precise quality.

Kit Components

Kit Components


  • 3” Lowering control arms (ONLY lowers)
  • Machines sleeve + Loc-tite packet
  • Spacers
  • Shorter sway bar link


  • Flip kit
  • Drop shocks
  • 1” lift shackles
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